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The Aviator
Angels and Demons
Article by Joe Fordham
Exploring the untapped early years of famed aviator and industrialist Howard Hughes in The Aviator, director Martin Scorsese called upon Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Rob Legato to oversee effects that involved the re-creation of historic aircraft and the reenactment of thrilling aerial sequences through a blending of contemporary digital technology with old-school in-camera filmmaking techniques. Heading up the digital work was Sony Pictures Imageworks and a handful of ancillary vendors, while miniatures were the purview of New Deal Studios, and full-scale effects were provided by special effects supervisor R. Bruce Steinheimer.
State of the Business: A Cinefex 25th Anniversary Forum
Article by Jody Duncan
Cinefex continues its visual effects forum, begun in Issue 100 as a 'roundtable discussion' on the state of the art. This time around, some 35 industry luminaries share their experiences and insights into the highly volatile nature of visual effects as a business. Their entertaining and often brutally frank assessments of the challenges they have encountered in the past and envision for the future are accompanied by cartoons from the portfolio of freelance visual effects supervisor John Van Vliet, whose witty observations on life in the visual effects trenches have earned him a devoted following.
Son of the Mask
Acme Effects
Article by Joe Fordham
In a zany sequel to The Mask, the 1994 comedy hit that provided fertile ground for the comic contortions of actor Jim Carrey, Son of the Mask introduces an all-new plot and cast of characters, whose encounters with the transformative Mask wreak havoc on their household. Director Lawrence Guterman, in search of Chuck Jones-inspired animation and a classic cartoon aesthetic, turned to visual effects supervisor Jamie Price, and a team that included special effects supervisor Brian Cox, makeup effects and animatronics artists at Captive Audience Productions and animators at Tippett Studio, Industrial Light & Magic and nearly a dozen other digital vendors.
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