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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Dark Lord Rising
Article by Joe Fordham
For Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth installment in the film franchise based on J.K. Rowling's acclaimed children's book series, visual effects supervisor Jim Mitchell oversaw the creation of all-new fantasy characters and environments as a teenage Harry tests his mettle in the Triwizard Tournament. Special effects supervisor John Richardson, creature supervisor Nick Dudman, and an international team of visual effects vendors — the largest ever since the series began — joined forces to bring Rowling's increasingly mature themes to fruition.
All Sixty
A Cinefex Forum on Effects in Television
Article by Jody Duncan
In another of its 'roundtable forums,' Cinefex explores the role of makeup and visual effects in episodic television, where the affordability and accessibility of high-end digital tools and viewers' rising expectations have resulted in greater demand for sophisticated imagery. Ten artists currently working in the medium share their insights and views on the subject, elaborating on the unique challenges of practicing their craft in an environment famous for its tight budgets and grueling schedules.
Lost \ Battlestar Galactica \ Surface
TV x 3
Article by Joe Fordham
Cinefex goes behind the scenes of three of television's most popular effects-driven shows. In ABC TV's Lost, supervisor Kevin Blank relies on a blend of practical and visual effects to unveil the mysteries of a deserted island where survivors of a plane crash find themselves marooned; in the Sci-Fi Channel's resurrected space saga Battlestar Galactica, visual effects supervisor Gary Hutzel and Zoic Studios update the series for modern audiences, delivering all-new ships, space battles and alien planet environments; and in NBC's Surface, visual effects supervisor Mitch Suskin enlists Eden FX to create the fantasy series' strange leviathan sea creatures and an evolving baby sea monster hatchling.
The Shaggy Dog
Overview: Stephen Rosenbaum on The Shaggy Dog
Article by Estelle Shay
Visual effects supervisor Stephen Rosenbaum expounds on the efforts of Tippett Studio and CIS Hollywood to sell the comic premise of a man morphing into a dog in this remake of the Disney comedy classic, The Shaggy Dog.
Overview: Bill Taylor & Syd Dutton on Casanova
Article by Estelle Shay
For the period film Casanova, a comic take on the life and loves of the infamous 18th-century rake, visual effects supervisors Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor of Illusion Arts discuss their methods of turning the clock back 200 years on modern-day Venice.
Overview: Joe Bauer on Zathura
Article by Jody Duncan
Joe Bauer, visual effects supervisor on Zathura, reveals the seamless meld of practical and digital effects used to depict the bizarre adventures of two young brothers who discover an old board game in their attic that has the power to send them spinning off into the galaxy.
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