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The Golden Compass
Northern Lights
Article by Joe Fordham
New Line Cinema returns to large-scale fantasy filmmaking with The Golden Compass, written and directed by Chris Weitz and based on the first book in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Visual effects supervisor Michael L. Fink orchestrated the work of nine companies in creating the film's rich array of magical characters and exotic locales, with lead vendors Rhythm & Hues and Cinesite responsible for the film's signature CG effect — shape-shifting, talking spirit animals known as 'dæmons.'
I Am Legend
Urban Legend
Article by Jody Duncan
In I Am Legend, based on a novella by Richard Matheson, a viral plague has transformed the inhabitants of Manhattan into bloodthirsty, carnivorous and preternaturally strong creatures, leaving a lone survivor to fend for himself. Visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs engaged Sony Pictures Imageworks to handle the effects, which included digitally generating the hordes of infected creatures and creating a post-apocalyptic look for location photography shot in New York.
All The Way
Article by Jody Duncan
Director Robert Zemeckis re-teams with visual effects supervisor Jerome Chen and Sony Pictures Imageworks to bring the ancient epic tale, Beowulf, to the big screen as an all-CG feature. Expanding on and further refining the groundbreaking performance capture developed for The Polar Express, Chen and his team reached new heights of realism in the creation of the film's synthetic humans, while breathing new life into its fabled beasts, exotic environments and dynamic battle action.
Overview: Thomas Schelesny on Enchanted
Article by Estelle Shay
2D characters from an animated fairytale are magically transported to the real world of modern-day New York in the Walt Disney fantasy Enchanted, directed by Kevin Lima, with visual effects by Tippett Studio.
The Mist
Overview: Greg Nicotero and Everett Burrell on The Mist
Article by Jody Duncan
For The Mist, adapted from a Stephen King novella, director Frank Darabont and visual effects supervisor Everett Burrell combined full-scale animatronic puppets, maquettes and makeup effects provided by KNB EFX with CG creatures created by CaféFX.
Q&A: Dennis Berardi
Article by Joe Fordham
Visual effects supervisor Dennis Berardi discusses the work of Toronto-based effects company Mr. X, and the state of the burgeoning visual effects industry in Canada.
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