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Kong: Skull Island
A Lonely God
Article by Graham Edwards
The supersized simian lives again in Warner Bros. Pictures' 1970s-era reimagining of Merian C. Cooper's and Ernest B. Schoedsack's 1933 fable King Kong. Brie Larson stars as photojournalist Weaver, who journeys with fellow expeditionaries Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), Lieutenant Colonel Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) and Bill Randa (John Goodman) to unlock the secrets of a lost island stalked by strange beasts and ruled by a lonely god. Jordan Vogt-Roberts directs, with visual effects supervisor Jeff White overseeing Industrial Light & Magic's monstrous workload, deftly supported by Hybride Technologies and Rodeo FX.
Blood Father
Article by Graham Edwards
Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) returns in a James Mangold film from Twentieth Century Fox that pits the aging mutant character against an evil organization. Soho VFX, Image Engine Design, Rising Sun Pictures and Lola VFX delivered the film's gritty visual effects, ably assisted on set by special effects supervisor Garry Elmendorf and makeup effects supervisor Joel Harlow.
A Cure for Wellness
Under the Skin
Article by Joe Fordham
Director Gore Verbinski weaves a sinister tale about a young executive (Dane DeHaan) who travels to a remote location in the Swiss Alps seeking his employer who is interned at a mysterious sanitarium. Visual effects supervisor Thomas Proctor, special effects supervisor Gerd Nefzer and makeup effects supervisor Barrie Gower created strange and hallucinatory imagery in collaboration with artisans at Double Negative, RISE Visual Effects Studios, Lola Visual Effects, One of Us and Prime Focus World.
The Great Wall
War Machine
Article by Jody Duncan
Matt Damon stars in a story about ancient mysteries surrounding the building of the Great Wall of China, in the most expensive film ever produced in China. Directed by Yimou Zhang, the film's effects were overseen by Phil Brennan, with contributions by Industrial Light & Magic, Base FX, Hybride Technologies, and Animal Logic. Weta Workshop and Quantum Creation FX provided practical and makeup effects, while Halon Entertainment prevised the film's complex action sequences. A Universal Pictures production.
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