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Terminator: Dark Fate
No Fate But What We Make
Article by Graham Edwards
The band is back together for Paramount Pictures' reboot of the 'Terminator' franchise, with originator James Cameron co-writing and producing, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton leading the battle against a lethal Rev-9 cyborg from the future. Tim Miller directs, and Industrial Light & Magic takes the visual effects lead, with additional contributions by Digital Domain, Method Studios, Scanline VFX, Blur Studio, Rebellion VFX, UPP, Unit Image, Cantina Creative, Weta Digital and The Third Floor — all working with production visual effects supervisor Eric Barba. Neil Corbould orchestrates high octane on-set special effects.
12,000 Feet Straight Down
Article by Graham Edwards
Directed by action wizard Roland Emmerich, and starring Ed Skrein as U.S. Navy pilot Richard 'Dick' Best and Woody Harrelson as Admiral Chester Nimitz, this World War II epic recounts the events of the pivotal Battle of Midway from the perspectives of those who fought it. Spectacular seafaring and aerial combat visuals for the Lionsgate production were created by Pixomondo and Scanline VFX, under the guidance of production visual effects supervisor Pete Travers.
Ford v Ferrari
The Perfect Lap
Article by Joe Fordham
The true story of the Ford Motor Company's determination to beat racing champions Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship is brought to the big screen in this 20th Century Fox film directed by James Mangold. Matt Damon and Christian Bale star. Production visual effects supervisor Olivier Dumont orchestrated visual effects shots by Method Studios, Outback Post, Rising Sun Pictures, The Yard VFX, EDI, and Factory VFX. Mark R. Byers supervised special effects.
The Irishman
Nothing Short of Witchcraft
Article by Jody Duncan
Netflix offers Martin Scorsese's long anticipated film about an aging mob hit man, Frank Sheeran, coming to terms with his life, including his involvement in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Sequences featuring elderly characters in their younger years relied heavily on state-of-the-art de-aging effects by Industrial Light & Magic. The Oscar-bait film will be released on Netflix Fall 2019, and stars Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Anna Paquin and Joe Pesci.
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