The Adventures of Terry Gilliam
Article by Paul M. Sammon and Don Shay
While thematic similarities resonate through the collected works of all visionary artists, even the most self-aware amongst them might be hesitant to proclaim as a trilogy three decisively unique film projects unrelated in time and place and without a single character in common. Not so Terry Gilliam. For him, Time Bandits, Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen represent a three-part celebration of the persistent dreamer seeking refuge in flights of fancy from the humdrum realities of the workaday world. With massive doses of imagination — and an irreverent sense of humor springing from his Monty Python roots — Gilliam has spent the last decade leaping through time and space and into alternate universes both wondrous and bizarre. Acutely aware that special effects are the essential elements needed to unlock his wildest imaginings, Gilliam has surrounded himself with top practitioners in the field — some spanning all three pictures — who have consistently pushed the limits of budget-conscious, low-tech film trickery to produce for him an abundance of cinematic wonders both grand and small.
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