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RoboCop 2
Clash of the Robotitans
Article by Jody Duncan
For the second chapter in his RoboCop saga, producer Jon Davison managed to assemble almost all of his orginal effects artists. Rob Bottin produced a new robosuit and an animatronic cyborg torso, Phil Tippett directed a massive stop-motion effort, Craig Davies designed and constructed a formidable mechanized monster, Peter Kuran supplied robovision effects and Rocco Gioffre provided futuristic matte paintings. Added to the effects roster for RoboCop 2 was the computer graphics firm of deGraf/Wahrman and an on-set computer graphics team headed by Paul Sammon.
Flight of the Intruder
Wings of the Intruder
Article by Bill Norton
The producers of Flight of the Intruder — a Vietnam war film about Navy pilots who embark on an unauthorized bombing mission over Hanoi — received plenty of support from the U.S. Navy. But for scenes too difficult or too dangerous to achieve with real aircraft, visual effects supervisor Mark Vargo was enlisted to orchestrate a vast comingling of radio control and wire-flown aircraft, expansive miniature settings, pyrotechnic explosions, motion control photography, cel animation and computer generated imagery. Nearly a dozen effects companies were employed in the effort.
Die Hard 2
Maximum Impact
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
Set within and above an international airport during a major blizzard, Die Hard 2 was a more than substantial challenge for both special effects coordinator Al Di Sarro and visual effects supervisor Micheal McAlister of Industrial Light & Magic. While Di Sarro wrestled with the problem of supplying tons of biodegradable simulated snow — the real thing was proving elusive, even in normally snowbound locations — a miniatures unit from ILM was flying and crashing gigantic airplane models in the windswept Mojave Desert.
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