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Through the Proscenium Arch
Article by Janine Pourroy
In the ever-evolving theme park business the latest attractions transport thrill-seekers into outer space, inner body and back in time without ever moving them off a fixed hydraulic platform. By marrying flight simulator technology with motion picture effects footage, ride adventures derived from genre epics such as Star Wars, Innerspace and Back to the Future employ high-tech visuals and sophisticated motion cues to create kinetic sensations of pulse-pounding impact.
Rick Baker Revisited
Article by Ron Magid
In the seven years since our last examination of Rick Baker and his meteoric career, the still youthful makeup artist has continued to break new ground in his chosen profession. Among the triumphs of the period was the creation of a friendly Sasquatch for Harry and the Hendersons, his transformation of Eddie Murphy into an old white man in Coming to America, the development of the ultimate gorilla suit for Gorillas in the Mist and the concoction of a new batch of mogwais and gremlins for Gremlins 2.
Death and Aging - A Corleone Chronicle
Article by David Morgan
Spanning much of the twentieth century, the Godfather trilogy called for many of its principal players to age during the course of the narrative. Hired by director Francis Ford Coppola to effect this aging convincingly was makup master Dick Smith who was involved in all three films. Realistic bloodletting was also essential. To produce the requisite mayhem, Coppola engaged two generations of physical effects men — A.D. Flowers, Sass Bedig, Joseph Lombardi, Lawrence Cavanaugh and R. Bruce Steinheimer.
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