Interview With the Vampire
Immortal Images
Article by Estelle Shay
In development for nearly two decades, Interview With the Vampire at last reached the big screen under the guidance of director Neil Jordan, with makeup and animatronics by Stan Winston Studio and visual effects by Digital Domain.
Star Trek Generations
Kirk Out
Article by Kevin H. Martin
Star Trek Generations decisively passed command of the feature-film Enterprise from Captain James T. Kirk to Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Reprising as principal effects provider was Industrial Light & Magic, with an assist from Santa Barbara Studios.
Through the Stargate
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
For his upstart epic, Stargate, director Roland Emmerich assembled adiversely talented effects team from the ranks of Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company, Kit West Productions, Patrick Tatopoulos, Available Light and Cinema Research Corporation.
Tall Tale: A New Twist on Tornadoes
The Santa Clause: Clause and Effects
Special Venues: Inside the Luxor Pyramid
The Santa Clause: Santa's Helpers
Fluke: Animal House
Ed Wood: Wood Works
Effects Scene: From Tatooine to Endor
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