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Gorilla Warfare
Article by Jody Duncan
When Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy set out to film Congo, they turned to Stan Winston Studio for one of the story's main characters, as well as its principal villains. Then, for groundbreaking earthquake and volcano effects, they enlisted Industrial Light & Magic and physical effects supervisor Michael Lantieri.
Judge Dredd
Dredd World
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
Effects crews on both sides of the Atlantic helped to bring Judge Dredd to the screen. Working the live-action in England were physical effects supervisor Joss Williams and makeup designer Nick Dudman. And providing the miniature and digital work stateside were Mass.Illusion and Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company.
Dick Smith - 50 Years in Makeup
Tribute by Don Shay
Dick Smith won his first job in makeup during the golden age of live television. Essentially untrained, but with boundless enthusiasm and drive, he quickly mastered his craft and branched into motion pictures. In half a century of achievement, he has contributed countless technological and aesthetic advances to the field.
Crimson Tide: Sub Plots
Johnny Mnemonic: Cinematic Cyberspace
Outbreak: Thirty Seconds Over Zaire
Profile: Jeff Matakovich
Video Beat: Cannom Creations
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