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Apollo 13
Launching Apollo 13
Article by Tim Prokop
Total verisimilitude was the prime directive for visual effects supervisor Rob Legato and his team at Digital Domain, and for special effects coordinator Matt Sweeney, when they signed on with director Ron Howard to bring Apollo 13 to the screen.
Batman Forever
Forever and a Knight
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
With director Joel Schumacher at the helm, big changes were in store for Gotham and its denizens in Batman Forever. Visual effects supervisor John Dykstra enlisted more than a dozen compaines to complete the gargantuan effects assignment.
Casper: The Ghost and Mr. Muren
Special Venues: MGM's Grand EFX
The Indian in the Cupboard: Cowboys and Indians
Commercial Spot: Bear Necessitites
Species: An Endangering Species
Species: Capturing an Alien Species
Hideaway: Bonnie and Clyde
Waterworld: The Last Hurrah
Commercial Spot: This Frog's For You
Commercial Spot: Batteries Included
Video Beat: Soldiers of Fortune
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