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The Game Board Jungle
Article by Janine Pourroy
For Jumanji — in which jungle animals emerge from a magical board game to wreak havoc on a small town — director Joe Johnston enlisted Industrial Light & Magic and Amalgamated Dynamics to provide computer generated and animatronic effects.
Toy Story
Toys Will be Toys
Article by Rita Street
A landmark collaboration between Walt Disney Studios and Pixar has produced Toy Story — the first fully computer animated feature-length film — a comic confluence of artistry and high technology directed by John Lasseter.
On the Water Front
Article by Jeff Odien
Production design and physical effects merged to create the vast floating sets and ships needed for Waterworld. Voluminous visual effects — overseen by Micheal J. McAlister — kept more than a dozen effects companies swimming.
Broken Arrow: Stealth Effects
Gordon Smith: Seeking Silicone Solutions
Money Train: Training Film
Babe: From the Mouth of Babe
Casino: The Lights of Las Vegas
Three Wishes: Making Wishes Come True
Cutthroat Island: Getting Away With Murder
Operation Dumbo Drop: Pachyderms and Parachutes
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