Jurassic Park: The Lost World
On the Shoulders of Giants
Article by Jody Duncan
When it came time to select an effects team for The Lost World, director Steven Spielberg turned promptly to character creator Stan Winston, visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren of Industrial Light & Magic, and special effects supervisor Michael Lantieri — the trio that had written effects history on Jurassic Park — to once again push the boundaries of artistry and technology.
Men in Black
Basic Black
Article by Janine Pourroy
For director Barry Sonnenfeld's science fiction comedy Men in Black — about shadowy government agents who oversee extraterrestrial activities on earth — makeup effects artist Rick Baker produced a variety of imaginatively conceived aliens, supplemented by computer generated creations and other effects concocted by Industrial Light & Magic.
The Fifth Element
Elemental Images
Article by Ted Elrick
To impart an epic quality to The Fifth Element — his whimsical science fiction adventure about a New York cab driver who is called upon to help save the universe from annihilation — director Luc Besson turned to Digital Domain and visual effects supervisor Mark Stetson to create an array of futuristic cityscapes and distant worlds through a blend of traditional and digital imagery.
Con Air: Skyjinks
Anaconda: Snake Charmers
Classic Restoration: The Lost World - Found!
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