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Mighty Joe Young
A Gorilla Named Joe
Article by Scott Essman
With Mighty Joe Young, director Ron Underwood put a modern spin on the venerable film classic about a lovable giant gorilla plucked from his idyllic home in Africa and given a dose of big-city life. While the original Joe was a triumph of stop-motion animation that astounded moviegoers of its time, the updated ape would be no less remarkable, brought into being through sophisticated animatronics and suit artistry by Rick Baker, in concert with groundbreaking visual effects spearheaded by Hoyt Yeatman of Dream Quest Images.
What Dreams May Come
The Sweet Hereafter
Article by Kevin H. Martin
A metaphysical speculation on the nature of the afterlife, What Dreams May Come, based on a novel by Richard Matheson, chronicles the spiritual journey through Heaven and Hell of a man determined to reunite his family and rescue his soul mate from an eternity of suffering. Guided by director Vincent Ward, whose singular vision of the hereafter infused the project, visual effects contributors Mass.Illusion, POP Film and Digital Domain offered up dazzling technical innovations in the service of an extraordinary aesthetic concept.
Pleasantville: Color My World
Antz: Road to Insectopia
A Bug's Life: An Entomological Epic
Virus: Building a Better Borg
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