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Pearl Harbor
More War
Article by Jody Duncan
In Walt Disney Studios' epic Pearl Harbor, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay stage a tale of love and valor against the backdrop of World War II and the infamous Japanese air attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet that spelled the end of the country's isolationist doctrine. Depictions of the assault, along with earlier reenactments of air battles over Britain and the retaliatory Doolittle raid on Tokyo, were achieved through extensive use of digital battleships and planes — compliments of Industrial Light & Magic — in combination with large-scale mechanical and pyrotechnic effects by John Frazier and his crew. Stan Winston Studio contributed makeup effects.
Accelerated Evolution
Article by Brad Munson
Echoing the sensibilities of his earlier comedy hit Ghostbusters, director Ivan Reitman's newest film, Evolution, has scientists battling aliens after a meteor crashes into the Arizona desert, releasing minute extraterrestrial lifeforms that vaguely attempt to mimic earth's evolutionary cycle. Phil Tippett and his Tippett Studio artists designed and created, through digital character animation, much of the continuously metamorphosing extraterrestrial ecology, from single-cell microorganisms to complex air and land creatures. Also in the mix were digital effects by Pacific Data Images and practical creature work by KNB EFX Group and Amalgamated Dynamics.
Moulin Rouge: Paris By Numbers
Final Fantasy: Flesh For Fantasy
Driven: Speed Demons
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