The Cinefex staff had the opportunity to see an IMAX 3D screening of “Gravity” last night. I won’t risk spoiling the film by commenting on its content; but, I will repeat what Don Shay said as we stood outside the theater afterward: “Every once in a while, a film comes along that is a game-changer. This is one of those films.” Indeed. It certainly changed my perception of stereoscopic filmmaking. I’ve never been a 3D enthusiast. Even when it was done superbly, as in “Avatar,” it left me uninspired. “Yeah, yeah, look at the firefly things floating toward me. Saw the same thing in that old Michael Jackson flick at Disneyland years ago. When do we get back to the story?” For the first time last night, I felt what a 3D experience can be — especially in IMAX. I wasn’t just watching these characters in space; I was there, with them. It ratcheted the film from tense to harrowing. My palms are still sweating, just as they did when I was a little girl and watched grainy black and white footage of real-life spacewalks. It made me nervous, as all I could think was: What if that cable breaks? I wanted those astronauts back in the cocoon of their spacecraft as soon as possible. Those thoughts and feelings were intensified as I watched “Gravity” last night. It is a beautiful, awe-inspiring film, with a subtle and moving performance by Sandra Bullock. It is a game-changer.