Celebrating Cinefex – The Video

by Graham Edwards

Celebrating Cinefex

If you weren’t at the Billy Wilder Theater in LA on May 16th, then you missed one heck of a celebration.

“Celebrating Cinefex” was a special evening of conversation with Cinefex founder and publisher Don Shay and Cinefex editor in chief Jody Duncan. The event was presented by the Visual Effects Society and the UCLA Film & Television Archive, and featured visual effects supervisor Craig Barron as host.

If you did miss the show, don’t worry – we have the whole thing right here on video. Now’s your chance to spend a couple of hours in the company of the team responsible for 35 years (and counting) of in-depth reporting on visual and special effects, covering films from Star Wars and Star Trek to Jurassic Park, Avatar, Gravity and beyond.

If you were there in the audience, why not watch again anyway? Everyone loves a re-release, right?

Here’s what Don Shay had to say about “Celebrating Cinefex”:

Jody and I have spent a good part of our professional lives asking other people questions, so it was fun having the tables turned for a change. We wondered what we’d have to say to fill an evening’s worth of questioning, but that turned out not to be an issue. When our allotted time was up, we felt we were just getting started. Craig Barron did a great job of directing the conversation at a breezy pace, and we enjoyed sharing our thoughts and recollections with him and with our fans who came out to spend the evening with us.

Although there were only three of us up on stage, many others contributed to the success the evening. Inspiration for “Celebrating Cinefex” came from visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer, who, during a lunchtime chat with Jody during her Game of Thrones interviewing, asked if the Visual Effects Society had ever done something of that nature with us. No? Well, a few weeks later we heard from the VES proposing a 35th-anniversary celebration of Cinefex. So, thanks, Joe.

Ben Schneider of the VES and Paul Malcolm of the UCLA Film & Television Archive, which co-sponsored the program, worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to organize and promote the event. Craig Barron stepped in at the last minute to host it, and was a relaxed, yet focused moderator. Van Ling and Gene Kozicki gathered and presented a wealth of video and still imagery to enhance the evening’s visual appeal, and Jeff Casper recorded the event on video, edited it crisply, and made it available in its entirety for us to share with our fans. I’m sure there were others involved, as well. We’d like to thank them all.