Cinefex Goes Bimonthly

by Graham Edwards

Cinefex starts bimonthly publication in 2016

“Please, sir, I want some more.”

Everyone knows those words. They’re spoken by the young hero of the famous Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist.

Like most people, you’re probably under the illusion that in the story, little orphan Ollie is asking for more gruel from the workhouse cook. You couldn’t be more wrong. What young Oliver really wants is more in-depth articles from his favourite motion picture visual effects magazine – Cinefex.

Always happy to grant the wish of a hungry fan, we’ve made a monumental decision. We’re going bimonthly!

Yes, you heard me right. After 35 years as a quarterly publication, Cinefex is about to increase its output by a massive 50%, publishing six magazines a year instead of four!

“What’s the catch?” I hear you cry.

The answer’s simple – there isn’t one. Each issue of Cinefex will deliver the same accurate, objective reporting and unmatched photographic support you’ve been relying on since 1980. The size and format of each issue will remain the same. The quality of the print will remain the same. It’s the same Cinefex you know and love, just more of it. No compromise.

Our first bimonthly issue, Cinefex 145, will be out in February 2016. As if that’s not exciting enough, our upcoming December 2015 issue, Cinefex 144, is now available to preorder. In it you’ll find a whole new batch of articles covering In the Heart of the Sea, The Martian, Everest and Crimson Peak.

Confused? Don’t panic. Our lovely online team have prepared a special FAQ page to answer all your questions about the change to bimonthly publication.

Oh, and you’d do well to remember what Oliver Twist said when he heard the news about the new Cinefex bimonthly editions:

“We’re going to need a bigger bookshelf!”

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  1. Make an entire Harry Potter issue covering all 8 movies in one special edition.

    Please you have to cinefex!!!!

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