Cinefex Monster Movie Poll

by Joe Fordham

Cinefex Movie Monster Poll

Welcome to the Cinefex Monster Movie Poll – our pick of 150 films from around the world, featuring creatures and creations from the darker corners of filmmakers’ imaginations that have enchanted, horrified or amazed us. To celebrate the season, we’d like to invite you to vote for your favorites.

The sheer volume of monster movies was overwhelming, so we streamlined our selections with a few self-imposed rules. No TV, no sequels, no super-villains, and no remakes. That’s why you’ll find only one Star Wars (we’re not asking you to choose between Greedo, Jabba, or Grievous), one Kong, and a single occurrence of Bram Stoker’s blood-sucking Count (up to you if that’s Lugosi, Lee, Langella, Hamilton, Oldman, or Nielsen). Yet Nosferatu, we felt, was a significant enough departure to warrant his inclusion.

Sink your teeth into our list by choosing up to 13 films – unlucky for some! – then hit the ‘Vote’ button at the bottom of the page. Voting closes midday October 31. We’ll publish the results soon after that.

5 thoughts on “Cinefex Monster Movie Poll

  1. What?! No Grendel from Beowulf?! The only movie monster that dared to knock on Giger’s door. If the alien doesn’t win, colour me shocked… Great work on the magazine, folks. Maintain an even strain! Alan

  2. Hard to pick one. The list is loaded with too many choices, so many I kept changing my vote, but finally landed on American Werewolf in London. Scary and funny both.

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