Crimson Peak – Cinefex 144 Extract

by Graham Edwards

Crimson Peak - Cinefex 144 Extract

Are you ready for this week’s final peek inside our new issue, Cinefex 144? Our extract this time is from Joe Fordham’s A Monstrous Love, which prowls behind the scenes of Guillermo del Toro’s chilling Gothic romance Crimson Peak.

The film combines the talents of makeup effects supervisor David Marti and DDT Efectos Especiales, visual effects supervisor Dennis Berardi at Mr. X, and special effects supervisor Laird McMurray.

In this exclusive extract, Guillermo del Toro describes the approach he adopted in bringing Crimson Peak’s quintet of supernatural characters to the screen:

DDT created five ghost characters, working from designs initiated by art department conceptual designers David Meng and Guy Davis, and del Toro’s distinctive graphic treatments. “I asked DDT to take into account the fact that I wanted to do the movie in a very theatrical way,” remarked Guillermo del Toro. “It was my concept that the ghosts had to be red. I wanted to link everything that was evil to the color red, and that was linked to the red clay under the house.”

Ghosts incorporated the unique physicality of performers Doug Jones and Javier Botet. “I wouldn’t call Doug just a suit performer; he is a great actor, and I love working with him. Doug has certain traits that make him identifiable to the fans, so I didn’t want him to play all five ghosts; and so, I shared the characters with Javier, who did an incredibly creepy job in Mama. Javier can dislocate his arm and move in a very different way. We then used an approach similar to what we did with the Reapers in Blade II and part of the makeup on Abe Sapien in Hellboy – we designed digital effects to enhance the makeup.”

Read the complete article in Cinefex 144, which also features The Martian, Everest and In the Heart of the Sea.

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