“Game of Thrones” Wins VFX Emmy

by Graham Edwards

Game of Thrones - visual effects by Rodeo FX

The prestigious Emmy Award for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects 2014 has been snapped up by the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. The show was up against some stiff competition in the form of Almost Human, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The 100.

The episode singled out for glory was The Children, the tenth and final episode of Game of Thrones season four. Here’s the list of the credited VFX crew:

  • Joe Bauer, Lead Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Jörn Großhans, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer
  • Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Eric Carney, Visual Effects Previs Lead
  • Sabrina Gerhardt, Visual Effects Animation Producer
  • Matthew Rouleau, CG Supervisor
  • Thomas H. Schelesny, CG Sequence Supervisor
  • Robert Simon, Visual Effects Concept Designer

Rodeo FX delivered 150 shots throughout season four. In addition to creating the city of Meereen, their team generated the massive CG army that attacks it. They also designed a series of grandiose CG environments, created a zombie-horse, modelled and animated a cavalry of thousands of horsemen, simulated atmospheric effects, and contributed to a number of wolf sequences.

“There was such a contagious desire to perform and deliver beyond-stunning visual effects,” said Rodeo’s CG Supervisor Matthew Rouleau. “The artists really put all their talent and their heart into the work. This is why we now have this amazing statuette decorating our office!”

Watch the Rodeo FX Game of Thrones Season Four VFX breakdown reel:

A further 72 shots were delivered by Mackevision. Their team spent around six months creating crowd replications, full CG ships and water simulations, set extensions, and an elaborate, full-CG digital environment of the city of Braavos, seen for the first time this season.

“We’re extremely happy about this award”, said Mackevision’s Visual Effects Supervisor Jörn Großhans. “We have worked on very beautiful, highly complex and dramatic shots in this season. Receiving the Emmy Award is a great honor for everyone involved in creating the show’s VFX.”

Watch the Mackevision Game of Thrones Season Four VFX breakdown reel:

Other key contributors to the show include Scanline VFX and concept designer Robert Simon. Lead Visual Effects Supervisor for HBO is Game of Thrones veteran Joe Bauer.