Exodus: Gods and Kings – Cinefex 140 Extract

by Graham Edwards

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" - article by Jody Duncan, Cinefex 140

Here’s the third sampler from our latest magazine edition, Cinefex 140. In Exodus: Gods and Kings, Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver and Aaron Paul star in director Ridley Scott’s retelling of the biblical account of Moses leading the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt.

Spain and Mexico stood in for Egypt throughout filming. Double Negative provided visual effects to imbue the film with a grandeur and epic scale befitting its source material, with additional effects support from MPC, The Senate, Method Studios and The Third Floor.

In this exclusive extract from Jody Duncan’s in-depth article, Gods and Kings, visual effects supervisor Peter Chiang talks about the creation of the film’s ancient locations:

Whether on stage or on location, sets were surrounded with greenscreen, enabling the crews at Double Negative and MPC – the show’s main vendors – as well as Lola, Method Studios and Peerless to composite in 1,300 BC vistas of the Nile Delta, the Pyramids and Mount Sinai in the distance. “We researched the time period extensively,” said visual effects supervisor Peter Chiang. “I also went up to Luxor and took a lot of photographs of existing temples and other architecture.

“Of course, the buildings as they are now don’t reflect the period because of decay and wearing. So we had to imagine what those structures would have looked like when they had just been built, and then introduce a bit of wearing and texture to keep them from looking fake. We drew a fine line between ‘new’ and what people understand as 1,300 BC architecture.”

Illustrations by concept illustrators working with Arthur Max and supervising art director Marc Homes developed the look and color palettes of the ancient world, infusing Memphis with a traditional sandstone look, and the newer, more modern Pi-Ramses with blacks and golds.

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