Happy New Year!

by Graham Edwards

The Cinefex Blog 2014Happy New Year! We have tons of great stuff planned for the Cinefex blog in 2014, starting tomorrow with the next entry in our dictionary of visual effects – the VFX ABC. We’ve reached the letter “C” which, as everyone knows, stands for … uh, hold on … it’s on the tip of my tongue … oh darn, let’s just hope that by the time you come back tomorrow I’ll have remembered.

So what else can you expect from the blog this year? Well, we’ll have the usual mix of columns and commentary, interviews and industry reports, fireworks and fun, as we train the Cinefex lens on the magic realm of visual effects – past, present and future.

The blog is just one part of the whole Cinefex experience, which has at its core the classic quarterly magazine (available in print, online and iPad editions) and also includes our popular Facebook page, with its regular daily updates. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Now, what is it that “C” stands for again? Anyone?

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