Lucasfilm & ILM Launch “ILMxLAB”

by Graham Edwards


Lucasfilm, Ltd. have just announced the formation of ILM Experience Lab. That’s ILMxLAB to you and me.

Drawing upon the talents of Lucasfilm, ILM and Skywalker Sound, this new division is on a mission to create immersive entertainment experiences at a fidelity never seen before. ILMxLAB’s ambitious plans include the development of virtual reality, augmented reality, real-time cinema, theme park entertainment and narrative-based experiences for a range of future platforms.

Watch the ILMxLAB launch video:

The official ILM press release includes comments from some of the key players, starting with Lucasfilm Executive Vice President and ILM President Lynwen Brennan, who stated:

“The combination of ILM, Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm’s story group is unique and that creative collaboration will lead to captivating immersive experiences in the Star Wars universe and beyond. ILMxLAB brings together an incredible group of creatives and technologists together to push the boundaries and explore new ways to tell stories. We have a long history of collaborating with the most visionary filmmakers and storytellers and we look forward to continuing these partnerships in this exciting space.”

Vice President of New Media for Lucasfilm Rob Bredow added,

“The pioneering spirit that inspired storytellers and technical artists to improvise, innovate and help imagine a galaxy far, far away is in the DNA of ILMxLAB. We see xLAB as a laboratory for immersive entertainment. It’s amazing to be working in a new medium where we get to help invent how stories are told and experienced, connecting artists with their audiences like never before.”

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy stated:

“The people who work here have been investing in achieving the unachievable for more than 40 years. Creative storytelling was something that George Lucas instilled in each of the companies from their earliest days and out of that came the incredible innovation that continues to this day. We are currently exploring the fictional universes of Star Wars, and I think a lot of people would like to be immersed in them. The challenge of ILMxLAB will be to find out what storytelling looks like in this new space.”

Creative Director, ILMxLAB John Gaeta noted:

“Cinema is a master storyteller’s art form. Until recently, a “4th wall” has contained this form. Soon, however, we will break through this 4th wall and cinema will become a portal leading to new and immersive platforms for expression. ILMxLAB is a platform for this expansion. We want you to step inside our stories.”

ILMxLAB is currently collaborating on a number of projects, all of which are currently under wraps. But, given the steady build-up towards a certain cinematic event in December, it comes as no surprise to learn that the division has already promised to announce “exclusive Star Wars-based experiences later in the year”.


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