Jupiter Ascending – Cinefex 141 Extract

by Graham Edwards

Cinefex 141 - "Jupiter Ascending"

All this week, we’re featuring exclusive extracts from our brand new magazine issue, Cinefex 141, now available in both print and digital editions.

In the exotic science fiction fantasy Jupiter Ascending, a genetically engineered superman (Channing Tatum) arrives on Earth to help an unsuspecting young cleaning lady (Mila Kunis) realize her destiny as the leader of an intergalactic super race. Visual effects supervisor Dan Glass reunites with The Matrix filmmakers Andy and Lana Wachowski to realize science fiction action and spectacular cosmic realms assisted by visual effects consultant John Gaeta, and artisans at Method Studios, Double Negative, Framestore, One Of Us, BlueBolt, The Aaron Sims Company, Halon Entertainment, Mokko Studio, Rodeo FX, BUF and The Third Floor. Special effects supervisor Trevor Wood, makeup effects supervisor Jeremy Woodhead and Ironhead Studios supplied practical effects.

In this extract from Joe Fordham’s article, Imperial Earth, Jeremy Woodhead describes the practical techniques used to create a range of characters who have been genetically modified, or “spliced”.

Makeup effects and hair designer Jeremy Woodhead and prosthetic effects supervisor Nik Williams’ Animated Extras translated concepts into makeups, including those for Channing Tatum’s ex-military human/wolf hybrid. “I did 20 or 30 drawings of Channing in various guises as Caine,” recalled Jeremy Woodhead. “We went from quite extreme canine, to barely there, and ended up somewhere in the middle. I did quite a few makeup tests on him, with different wigs and ear placements.” Caine’s final makeup featured Polytek PlatSil silicone prosthetics of swept-back pointed ear tips, and Pro-bondo applications of bar code brands on the warrior’s skin.

“Lana and Andy Wachowski came up with the idea that splices went through factories, where they were fitted with bands on the backs of their necks. For Caine’s hair, we used Channing’s real beard and hair, and added color and paint to give it more of a fur quality. At one point during the film, Caine takes off his shirt to reveal that, as a legionnaire, he once had metallic wings that had been chopped off, leaving nubs on his back. We made organic/mechanical prosthetics for each stump.”

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