Launching the Cinefex Classic Collection

by Graham Edwards

Cinefex Classic Collection for iPadStop your grinnin’ and drop your linen! Yes, it’s true: the entire Cinefex back catalogue is now available to download for iPad!

Every issue of the quarterly visual effects magazine – starting with issue 1 from 1980 – has been digitised, with searchable text and the original images restored and, where possible, enhanced. The issues are presented both in their original magazine layout, as well as a tablet-friendly scrolling view. Produced by New Scribbler Press, in collaboration with Cinefex, the Cinefex Classic Collection is the essential resource for visual effects professionals and fans alike.

If you’ve any doubt as to the mammoth scale of the effort it’s taken to bring every Cinefex ever published to the iPad, check out New Scribbler’s stats on exactly what the collection comprises:

  • 126 issues
  • 8,970 magazine pages
  • 31,141 photos/ads
  • 45.7 million characters

Phew! With all that visual effects history at your fingertips, you may never leave your couch again.

Those people who helped fund the Cinefex Classic Collection project via Kickstarter should already have received a code to release their rewards. If you aren’t one of the original backers, don’t worry: you can download the app for free and start your collection now. Each classic issue is priced at just $4.99, and the option to download the complete collection in one purchase is coming shortly!

Here’s what Cinefex publisher Don Shay had to say about the launch:

I tend to be an old-school paper-and-ink kind of guy, but I’m in awe of how the Cinefex Classic Collection has rejuvenated our back-issue catalogue, with restored photos looking better than they ever did, and with a host of digital features – the most awesome being an intelligent search function that can scan the entire collection and put you on the page you want within seconds. With nearly 9,000 pages of articles, that’s an invaluable tool for researchers or effects artists – or even those of us on the Cinefex staff. Our hats are off to New Scribbler for delivering on their vision – in spades!

6 thoughts on “Launching the Cinefex Classic Collection

  1. I backed this at the complete level and, sorry, I won’t stop grinnin’ 🙂

    I have my code, I have the app and I’m now finally able to go back and read issues I’ve always wanted to.

    I had access to a small handful of issues as a kid (my dad had bought them) and a few as an adult (was a print subscriber for two years but stopped due to international rates & limited funds). So the chance to get the complete classic catalogue was a dream come true.

    I think New Scribbler Press have done an amazing job from the few issues I’ve had a peak at so far.

  2. I am delighted. I just downloaded the whole collection, and I am reading the lot starting from the beginning. Thank you!

  3. This sounds fantastic, but there are more than a few non-iPad users out there. Any chance for a Windows 8 Mobile or Android version at some point? Please? 🙂

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