Marvel Studios Tribute Issue

by Graham Edwards

Cinefex 158 cover

Spring is here, which can mean only one thing: the presses are rolling out a brand new issue of Cinefex. This one’s something special — an all-Marvel issue packed with cover-to-cover goodness in celebration of Marvel Studios’ 10-year anniversary.

So what’s inside? Well, in this special issue you’ll find Graham Edwards’ in-depth coverage of Black Panther, featuring interviews with director Ryan Coogler, production designer Hannah Beachler, visual effects supervisor Geoffrey Baumann and the huge team of visual effects artists who brought the hidden African kingdom of Wakanda to the screen.

That’s just the beginning. In his article Keepers of the Flame, Joe Fordham takes you on a guided tour of the Marvel Studios in-house art department. Read exclusive interviews with the incredibly talented team of artists and pore over the gorgeous concept art hand-picked by the visual development team at Marvel.

Next comes The Marvel Effect. For months, we’ve been surveying the many visual effects artisans who have contributed to Marvel Studios’ films since the launch of Marvel Studios in 2008. The result is an epic virtual roundtable discussion between some of the most important Marvel visual effects contributors of the past decade.

In MCU: The Big Bang, we explore the creative and technological highlights of each of the 18 block-busting, game-changing, superheroic films making up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all the way from Iron Man through Black Panther.

And there’s more. Cinefex editor-in-chief Jody Duncan conducts an extensive interview with Marvel Studios executive producer and head of physical production Victoria Alonso. Together they delve into the origins of the studio, the hits and misses along the way, and its long-term goals. Rounding out Cinefex 158, we’ve even got a special tribute to Stan Lee!

Cinefex 158 ships after Easter, and is available to order right now. If you subscribe by Monday, April 2, you will receive Cinefex 158 as the first copy of your new subscription. Or order single-issue copies of Cinefex 158 and get free U.S. shipping. Don’t miss out!