Now Showing – Cinefex 137

by Graham Edwards

Cinefex - From The Editors Desk - Issue 137

Yes folks, the latest issue of Cinefex is now showing! Issue #137 features in-depth articles on the visual effects of The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugGame of ThronesRoboCop and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of robots or romantic fantasy … or just a sucker for a fire-breathing dragon.

Before we fire up the projector, here’s Cinefex editor Jody Duncan with her thoughts on what it took to bring this latest issue to your screens.

Jody Duncan – From The Editor’s Desk

One of the many delights of my job is that, every three months, I am presented with tangible evidence of the Cinefex team’s labor. The issue is there, completed. I feel it in my hands. I smell the ink. My eyes wander over the photographs. There is a sense of closure, of a process completed – even as we throw ourselves into the next issue and start all over again.

Each issue of Cinefex is its own story. There are struggles – securing timely studio approvals for behind-the-scenes photos; chasing down that interview with the special effects supervisor who is currently incommunicado in Madagascar; making sense of 100,000 words of transcript; convincing advertisers that supporting Cinefex is as good for them as it is for us.

And there are joys. Issue #137 introduced me to visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer. Over a long and wonderful lunch, I talked with Joe about the visual effects work on Game of Thrones. But the conversation turned to other subjects, as well – the current state of the visual effects industry, prominent visual effects artists we had known since they first started in the business, movies we loved, and life itself. Every so often (and more rarely than we would like) we “click” with someone. I clicked with Joe, and made a friend.

Covering the new RoboCop brought the surreal sense that we had covered the original just yesterday! For his extensive coverage of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Joe Fordham interviewed the creative geniuses at Weta Digital, and Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor – hands-down the most courteous and warmest person in the industry. Smaug is our cover-boy this issue – and that’s a highlight in itself!

As this issue rolls out, we are in the middle of producing Issue #138. More struggles, more joys, more stories. Stay tuned!

Thanks, Jody. I think we’re ready to roll. So everyone, please take your seats and turn off your smartphones. If you have to eat popcorn, do it quietly. You at the front: take off that unnecessarily tall hat. Oh, and above all, enjoy the show!