Now Showing – Cinefex 158

by Graham Edwards

Cinefex 158 - From the Editor's Desk

Pow! Smash! Has there ever been an issue of Cinefex more packed with superheroes than this one? We think not!

So why all the musclepower? The reason is simple – we’re celebrating 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a special anniversary edition of Cinefex. Surrounding our coverage of Black Panther is an exclusive set of in-depth articles that explore the Marvel Studios phenomenon like never before.

Here’s Jody Duncan, Cinefex editor-in-chief, with the lowdown on the highlights of Cinefex 158:

Jody Duncan – From the Editor’s Desk

To borrow from Monty Python’s Flying Circus – And Now for Something Completely Different!

That’s how we feel about our special Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Issue. Everything about it is different. With the exception of Graham Edwards’ Black Panther story, the articles run far afield of the usual Cinefex fare. The issue includes a long Q&A with Marvel Studios executive producer Victoria Alonso, for example, as well as a virtual ‘roundtable,’ in which visual effects artisans who have worked on the first 18 Marvel Studios films discuss what distinguishes the studio’s approach to epic superhero filmmaking.

Joe Fordham visited the hallowed halls of Marvel’s venerated Vis Dev group to gather commentaries for his art department story. I went through Cinefex’s coverage of the 18 films to assemble a textual ‘highlights reel’ of those films’ visual effects work. A tribute to Stan Lee rounds out the issue.

The issue was ‘different’ for our production team, as well, requiring all new layout templates and an unusual approach to image gathering. For example, the art department story is illustrated with wonderful concept art renderings – something we often wish we could get for our ‘typical’ articles, but rarely do.

All in all, creating this issue has been a lot of fun for us. We hope that it will be fun for you, the reader, as well!

Cinefex 158 is on newsstands now, and available to order at our online store. If you’re a subscriber, your copy is already powering its way to your mailbox. And don’t forget our iPad edition, featuring tons more photographs – many of them exclusive to Cinefex – and stunning video content.