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by Graham Edwards

Cinefex 161

Cinefex 161 has landed — not in the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility, but on newsstands and in mailboxes all around planet Earth. With NASA’s iconic Apollo 11 lunar module planted firmly on the cover, our October issue is packed with stellar images and out-of-this-world content — including Joe Fordham’s feature story on First Man, directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, the young aviator from Ohio who flew his way to a moon landing during the summer of ’69.

Dig deeper into Cinefex 161 and you’ll find in-depth articles on director Ruben Fleischer’s gritty superhero tale Venom, Oliver Daly’s tale of a boy and his robot dog, A.X.L., Albert Hughes’ Ice Age drama Alpha, and Jon Turteltaub’s yarn centered around a ravenous Charadon megaladon, The Meg.

Watch a video preview of Cinefex 161:

Here’s Cinefex editor-in-chief Jody Duncan to update you with her official mission report on Cinefex 161:

Jody Duncan – From the Editor’s Desk

In every generation, there are a few world events so significant that we remember where we were when they happened – often in excruciating, sensory detail. I am a Baby Boomer, so mention the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and I vividly recall the smell of Ajax cleaner the school custodian used to scrub our desks at night. I remember that same custodian coming into my third-grade classroom to whisper in Mrs. Trask’s ear, her eyes welling with tears, the uncomfortable hush that came over the class, and her announcement, in quivering voice, that the President had been shot.
Six years later, the whole world watched the moon landing that had been promised by that felled President. I was a 14-year-old that late July 1969, stuck in the family station wagon for a trip to visit my grandparents in northern California. Not content to follow the news reports on the radio – although we did that, all the way up the old 99 highway – my father broke all speed records to get us to our destination and in front of a television screen in time for Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the lunar surface. It was thrilling, a moment of both promise and pride.
Those feelings and memories came rushing back when I saw our First Man cover for Cinefex 161. Joe Fordham outdid himself with his coverage of Damien Chazelle’s stunning film. If you’ve never read a Cinefex article before, read this one.
And while you’re at it, read Graham Edwards’ story about an incredible Czechoslovakian Wolfdog named Chuck who was such a great performer, fewer than expected computer animated wolf shots were required to bring Alpha to the screen. Read my account of writer/director Oliver Daly’s finding inspiration in the world of desert motocross racing, resulting in his A.X.L. feature film, and about the puppetry – both practical and digital – that put the ‘dog’ in a boy and his dog story. Finally, if you’re in the mood for hardcore bad-assery, check out our coverage of The Meg and Venom.
Cinefex issue 161: No tricks. Just treats.

Cinefex 161 is on newsstands now, and available to order at our online store. If you’re a subscriber, your copy is already making its final approach to your mailbox. And don’t forget our iPad edition, which features tons more photographs and exclusive video content.