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by Jody Duncan

Cinefex 163 featuring "Alita: Battle Angel"

I spent my formative childhood years in a rural northern California town that had a population of 2,000 cowboy-hat-wearing people, one gas station, and a single main street still lined with hitching posts to which denizens had once tied their horses. There wasn’t a multiplex movie theater in sight.

And so, when Walt Disney Pictures released Mary Poppins in 1964, I only saw it because my mother packed me up along with my siblings and drove 30 miles to the one single-screen movie theater in the area. It was an event so thrilling, so outside my day-to-day life, I have never forgotten it.

That memory led me to approach my coverage of Mary Poppins Returns with particular joy. I also had some trepidation, though, wondering what in the world these new-fangled filmmakers were going to do with my beloved nanny. I need not have worried. Director Rob Marshall brought a sure and reverent hand to the project, and his commentary in my article is revelatory.

If there is a character diametrically opposed to Mary Poppins, it would be the manga warrior, Alita. The big-eyed girl’s big-screen debut, Alita: Battle Angel, has been in the works for more than a decade, and Joe Fordham brings you all the details of that journey. Joe also covers Mortal Engines, which marks the directorial debut of longtime Peter Jackson collaborator and concept designer Christian Rivers.

Graham Edwards delivers the behind-the-scenes story of Bumblebee and its 1980s-style Transformer effects by Industrial Light & Magic and Cantina Creative, which brought heart and character to the ‘rock-em, sock-em robots’ franchise.

Cinefex 163 – Practically Perfect in Every Way.

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