Now Showing – Cinefex 166

by Jody Duncan

Cinefex 166 covers "The Lion King," "Spider-Man: Far From Home," "Game of Thrones" and "MIB: International."

I’ve never been a ‘fan.’ Even as a teenager, I was alone among my friends in never hanging a poster of Bobby Sherman (yes, when I was 13, that was the poster) on my bedroom walls. No John, no Paul, no George, no Ringo.

If I’ve been a fan of anyone in the years since, it has been Jon Favreau – and it started long before he began making the kinds of movies we cover in Cinefex. I watched nearly every episode of his conversational television show, Dinner for Five. I thought Elf was hilarious, and Couples Retreat remains one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Favreau’s Iron Man was when I took notice of him professionally, covering that film – to my mind, the most entertaining origin-story superhero movie ever – in Cinefex 114.

So, it was with a great deal of personal pleasure that I wrote about Favreau’s remake of The Lion King. Not only is he a great talker – he jokes that his idea of directing is talking – I quickly saw that what they were doing to create that film, both on the virtual production stage and at MPC, was truly remarkable. The story’s all here in Cinefex 166.

I’m also a fan of Game of Thrones; but since I was up to my eyeballs in lion fur grooms, I entrusted our coverage of the final season to Graham Edwards’ capable hands. In his story, Graham balances the physical on-the-ground effort with the equally extraordinary postproduction work. Graham also gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop on Spider-Man: Far From Home, which includes commentary by director Jon Watts.

Cinefex covered the first Men in Black 22 years ago, when writer Joe Fordham was but a callow youth. The much matured Mr. Fordham digs deep into the making of MIB: International in a comprehensive story that covers everything from alien design to makeup to on-set special effects to witty MIB-style visual effects.

We were there for Men in Black in Cinefex 70; we’re still here for Men in Black in Cinefex 166. The Circle of Life, indeed.

Cinefex 166 is on newsstands now, and available to order at our online store. If you’re a subscriber, your copy is already roaring its way towards your mailbox. And don’t forget our iPad edition, featuring tons more photographs and exclusive video content.

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