One Year Bloggin’

by Graham Edwards

First Anniversary of the Cinefex Blog

Yes, it’s true! Today we’re celebrating the 1st birthday of the Cinefex Blog!

After one year bloggin’, we’ve served up no less than 90 articles – that’s around 100,000 words devoted exclusively to the past, present and future of visual effects. If you were with us at the beginning, thanks for sticking around.

If you’re new here, it’s time for a little orientation.

Cinefex is a quarterly magazine devoted to motion picture visual effects. Since 1980, it’s been the bible for VFX professionals and enthusiasts. This blog – together with our Facebook page and Twitter feed – is its online arm.

Think of it like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. If Cinefex magazine is the big, sparkly mothership cruising benevolently through the night sky, this blog is one those feisty little UFOs that gets its kicks out of buzzing onlookers. Yet both are on the same mission: to inform and inspire you about the constantly evolving and frequently amazing world of visual effects.

Looking back to the blog’s opening week in October 2013, I see that Cinefex publisher Don Shay and I made you a few promises. I guess it’s time to find out if we made good on them.

In my first blog post – Warning! May Contain Monsters – I had this to say:

Warning - May Contain MonstersMy plan is simply to ramble on (as only a good geek can ramble) about whatever’s caught my fancy in the VFX universe. It’s a big universe, one that not only boasts a rich, romantic past, but also holds the promise of some quite astounding miracles still to come. As for what’s happening here in the present, well, that can get pretty exciting, too.

It’s a fair bet some of the articles will feature robots. Others will undoubtedly contain monsters. From time to time, I may even throw in a little subsurface scattering. If you get tired of all that, we’ll take a flight over a dizzying cityscape or two.

Very occasionally, something might explode.

Well, I daresay I’ve done my share of rambling after the last twelve months. As for that “past, present and future” thing, here are three articles that check those particular boxes:

King Kong - Life After Pi - VFX Nation

Now, what else was on my list? Robots? Monsters? Dizzying cityscapes? Try these on for size:

The Machine - The Strain - The Giver

That just leaves the explosions. I’m sorry to say I’ve let you down in the pyrotechnics department. Leave it with me, though. I’m working on it.

Beyond this promised content, my Cinefex colleagues and I have also brought you articles covering a vast range of VFX-related topics, from news reports and interviews, to VFX Q&As looking at the visual effects of the very latest releases, opinion pieces, and our popular “panel of experts” posts, in which industry leaders wade in on a variety of subjects close to their hearts. Sometimes, we’ve just kicked back, poured ourselves a fresh pot of coffee and had some fun.

All 90 articles are safely tucked away in the blog archive, ready for you to discover. To browse back through individual months, just use the links on the right. To search for a specific film or subject, there’s a search box at the top of the page.

As for the next 90 articles, well, we’re hard at work on those already.

Before signing off, I want to remind you what Don said about our online agenda in his inaugural post – Cinefex Unchained:

Read our blog. Enjoy it. Share it. And by all means, tell us what you think about it. Our future content will be informed by your comments.

It’s in this spirit that I now hand things over to you, dear reader. We’re one year in, and just beginning to hit our stride, but we couldn’t do this without you. So now’s your chance to tell us what you think of the blog so far … and what you’d like to read here in the future.

Cast your vote in the poll below (you can vote for more than one topic) or fill up the comments box with your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. A hearty congratulations on your one-year anniversary, Graham. You’ve done a spectacular job with the blog!

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