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by Graham Edwards

Cinefex 142 contents

Updated 18 June 2015 – Cinefex 142 is now on sale! Pick up your copy from our online store.

Summer is just around the corner, which can mean only one thing – the next issue of Cinefex is nearly here … and available for preorder right now!

Issue 142 of the premier magazine for visual effects professionals and enthusiasts goes deep on the VFX of four of this years biggest movies. First up is Jurassic World, which brings together a team including ILM, Phil Tippett and key Stan Winston Studio crewmembers who were there for the first Jurassic go-round. The reunion promises thrills that could only have been dreamed of for the original, made when computer animation and other relevant technologies were in their infancy.

Next up is Avengers: Age of Ultron, for which VFX supervisor Christopher Townsend assembles a team that includes ILM, Double Negative, Animal Logic, Luma Pictures and Framestore, with special effects supervisor Paul Corbould and the mechanical wizards at Legacy Effects lending practical effects support.

For Mad Max: Fury Road, special effects supervisors Andy Williams and Dan Oliver provided in-camera action with picture vehicle supervisor Geoff Naylor, while hair and makeup designer Lesley Vanderwalt, prosthetic supervisor Damien Marton and Tinsley Studios assisted with mutant characters. Visual effects producers Alex Bicknell and Fiona Crawford guided visual effects with vendors including Iloura and Method Studios, Dr. D Studios, The Third Floor and Stereo D.

Finally there’s San Andreas, which sees special effects supervisors Brian Cox and Matt Kutcher creating practical earthquake destruction and flood effects, while visual effects producer Randall Starr oversees digital enhancements at visual effects studios that include Hydraulx, Scanline VFX, Cinesite, Method Studios and Image Engine.


Only one question remains. Which of these effects-heavy blockbusters will feature on the cover of Cinefex 142? All will be revealed soon, but in the meantime why not vote for your favourite in our fun poll?