San Andreas – Cinefex 142 Extract

by Graham Edwards

San Andreas - exclusive visual effects coverage in Cinefex issue 142

All this week we’re featuring exclusive extracts from the articles in our latest issue – Cinefex 142, now available in both print and digital editions.

This time it’s the turn of San Andreas. Destruction on the scale seen in San Andreas demands the use of digital techniques. However, when it comes to making a room set, you can’t beat practical effects, as described by special effects supervisor Brian Cox:

“Originally we discussed putting the whole set on a shaker rig. When I learned that Brad was planning to film the scene using a Steadicam – following Carla Guigino through the restaurant, up and out onto the roof – I pointed out that shaking the whole set would make it very difficult for the camera operator. Instead, we made everything move around the camera on individual shaker rigs.

“We put water features on rails and had air bags push and pull those to get the water moving. We rigged bottles coming off the bar, all the tables and the chairs. We had shakers everywhere, with debris dropping from the ceiling and a small explosion in the kitchen. It was quite a big deal. I had 30 effects technicians operating rigs all around that set.”

Read the complete article in Cinefex 142, which also features Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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