Spotlight – Oliver Schulz

by Graham Edwards

To create cinematic illusions, you need conjurors. In this series of spotlight interviews, we ask movie magicians what makes them tick.

Oliver SchulzA visual effects supervisor at RISE, Oliver Schulz considers his career highlights to include Black Panther, Babylon Berlin, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

CINEFEX: Oliver, how did you get started in the business?

OLIVER SCHULZ: Initially, my goal was actually not to get involved in computers. I had always loved drawing and painting, but I think it was my brother who introduced me to Maya. I tried it out for two or three weeks, closed it and probably didn’t get back on for three or four months. When I did reopen it I was hooked, in particular with the 3D capabilities.

CINEFEX: What aspect of your job makes you grin from ear to ear?

OLIVER SCHULZ: The process of bringing together all the little parts and fitting them together for that grand end result. I find that to be really rewarding. Also, coming into work in the morning and screening renders that were sent into the farm the previous night. Being impressed by what turned out well, and seeing the surprises – that never gets old.

CINEFEX: And what makes you sob uncontrollably?

OLIVER SCHULZ: When renders were sent in the previous night don’t come out!

CINEFEX: What’s the most challenging task you’ve ever faced?

OLIVER SCHULZ: The sequences that we did for the first Captain America – we got pretty close to the end deadlines there, but ultimately we pulled through those crazy weeks. Getting up during some of those mornings were notable feats of strength and stamina.

CINEFEX: And what’s the weirdest task?

OLIVER SCHULZ: Standing on the set of Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta and seeing the locations where many other notable productions had been filmed – that was a surreal but incredible opportunity. For example, The Walking Dead was shot in the same areas we were setting up in.

RISE constructed the mountain city of Jabariland as a fully CG environment for Marvel Studios' "Black Panther."

RISE constructed the mountain city of Jabariland as a fully CG environment for Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther.”

CINEFEX: What changes have you observed in your field over the years?

OLIVER SCHULZ: I think one trend that is becoming mainstream is the increasing amount of last-minute changes, and how frequently they come in. This reflects overall advancements in how streamlined the technology and workflows have become.

CINEFEX: And what changes would you like to see?

OLIVER SCHULZ: The continued development of our workflow processes – where we can improve and what we can do away with.

CINEFEX: What advice would you give to someone starting out in the business?

OLIVER SCHULZ: Train your eye. That is the most important thing for anyone interested in this field. Know how to quickly and efficiently distinguish between what is good and what doesn’t work. This will save you time and give you more energy to go into other tasks which require more attention.

CINEFEX: If you were to host a mini-festival of your three favorite effects movies, what would you put on the bill, and why?

OLIVER SCHULZ: Actually, a couple of videogames come to the top of my mind first. The cut scenes from the 1990s PC game Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Also, the cut scenes from the first Warcraft were impressive at the time. For movies, I would say the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films, with the work done to create Bill Nighy’s tentacle-faced antagonist, Davy Jones – for me, that is one of the most successful visual effects character creations of all time. Oh, and Cameron’s Avatar, too.

CINEFEX: What’s your favorite movie theater snack?

OLIVER SCHULZ: I don’t do snacks in cinemas. Only beer from time to time.

CINEFEX: Thanks for your time, Oliver!