Is the Cinefex VFX ABC the definitive dictionary of everything to do with visual effects? Not exactly. But we hope you’ll find it both entertaining and enlightening. Click on a thumbnail to read the article, and drop in regularly to watch our alphabet grow.

A is for Animation

B is for Bullet-Time

The VFX ABC - "C" is for "Composite"

VFX ABC - D is for Dinosaur

E is for Eyes

F is for Frames

G is for Greenscreen

H is for History of VFX

I is for Innovation

J is for James Bond

K is for Kinematics

“L is for Lidar

“M is for Matte Painting

“N is for New

“O is for Optical Printer

“P is for Puppet

“Q is for Queen

“R is for Robot

The Cinefex VFX ABC - coming soon