Cinefex YouTube Channel

by Graham Edwards

If you like the visual effects breakdown reels we’ve been featuring on this blog, you’re going to love the Cinefex YouTube channel. There you’ll find a whole heap of videos like this amazing reel from Method Studios, showcasing their recent work on Into The Storm:

As well as VFX breakdowns, you’ll also find exclusive Cinefex content, such as this special recording of the live Celebrating Cinefex 35th anniversary event that took place in Los Angeles earlier this year:

The Cinefex YouTube channel will continue to grow steadily as we add more videos to the collection. To keep up with all the latest additions, just log in and click the subscribe button.

2 thoughts on “Cinefex YouTube Channel

    • They’re all regular videos, so the audio is definitely there! You’ll find that some of the breakdown reels are mute, however. That’s deliberate, because they’re intended purely to show the technical progression of the shots, rather than to entertain.

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