What is the Cinefex iPad edition?
The Cinefex iPad edition is an enhanced version of our print magazine. Every issue in the Classic Collection (1-126) has been digitally restored and image-enhanced, every article viewable in its original "print" format or in a new e-friendly format with customizable type, image galleries, bookmarking and other bells and whistles. Best of all, the collection is fully searchable, making this an invaluable tool for researchers or effects artists — or anyone who wants to delve into our 30 years of unsurpassed visual effects coverage.

All issues since 127 have been designed specifically for the iPad. Each issue contains all of the articles and ads appearing in our print edition, but includes nearly twice as many photographs, many of which are interactive, allowing readers to toggle back and forth between plates and comps and elements to see how visual effects shots come together. Whenever possible, we also incorporate video clips and breakdowns of effects shots and sequences.
How do I get the iPad edition?
The Cinefex iPad edition is available exclusively through the Apple Store. The app is a free download. So is issue (Cinefex 127), which we invite you to sample and enjoy with our compliments. Successive issues are available for purchase at $4.99 each, or by annual auto-renewing subscription at $27.99 (6 issues).
I'm already a print subscriber. Do I get the iPad edition at no extra charge?
Sorry, no. While we recognize that some magazines offer free iPad subscriptions to their print subscribers, those magazines are usually well-capitalized, large-circulation publications that can afford to absorb the expense, or they are publications producing bare-bones off-the-shelf apps. We are neither. We are a small niche publication with exceptionally high standards. In response to voluminous requests for an iPad edition, we have gone all-out to produce a custom app that we think honors our brand and our readers. The Cinefex iPad app represents a significant investment in time and resources. We think you'll find the modest price of the iPad edition more than worth it.
Can I transfer my print subscription to an iPad edition?
No. We handle print fulfillment, but not iPad fulfillment. Subscriptions and single-issue iPad orders are processed exclusively via the Apple App Store. The Cinefex print and iPad experiences are really quite different. We hope our readers will want both.
Is your iPad edition viewable on all versions of the iPad?
The Cinefex iPad edition (version 2.0) has been optimized for the iPad high-resolution retina screen, and requires iOS6, so it is not viewable on first generation iPads.
Are you planning to make Cinefex available on other platforms besides the iPad?
Not at the present. We chose to put all of our resources into developing Cinefex for the iPad because currently that is the most widely used tablet computer, with about 50% of the market. Depending upon reader response to the iPad edition, and possible shifts in the tablet market share, we will consider expanding into other platforms if the demand exists. But for now, no.
Are there opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of the enhanced features of the iPad?
Absolutely. All ads may be linked to advertisers' websites at no additional cost. Interactive imagery, vertical spreads, video clips and other features are available as upgrade options. For further information and pricing, click here.
Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the app or am having problems viewing Cinefex on my iPad?
Email us at: ipad@cinefex.com