What happened to the Online Edition?
Our Internet-accessible edition started with Cinefex 118 in response to the demand for an easy, affordable way to read Cinefex worldwide — but nowadays, there just aren't enough online readers to keep it going. And so, although regrettable, we've decided that Cinefex 142 will be our last issue of Cinefex Online.
How do I access the issues I've already purchased?
Simply log on as before. They will be archived.
Does this apply to the online issues I got for free as part of my print subscription?
Yes. If you were a print subscriber for issues 118 through 142, you will still have free access to these online issues.
Can I download the online edition?
No. The online edition is for online viewing only.
Can I purchase issues 118 through 142 as individual back issues?
No. We're sorry, but this option is not available.
Can I access the online edition from my iPhone or iPad?
No. The online edition of Cinefex is not compatible with your iPhone or iPad.
Where do I login?
To login, go to cinefex.com/online and choose your desired issue in the "ACCESS YOUR ONLINE EDITION" box in the lower left corner. From there, enter your login information and your online issue will begin to load.
What if my question hasn't been addressed in your FAQs?
Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-434-3339 or via our website, and we will be happy to assist you.